Merry Christmas from Moovly

Merry Christmas from Moovly. Create an animated Christmas video in minutes!

It’s that time of year again. The season of joy, festivities, and fun is upon us, and here at Moovly, we absolutely can’t wait. Christmas is one of our most loved holidays. We get to bring out the Christmas decorations and our beautiful tree, not to mention the questionable Christmas jumpers on display. 

So what is it that makes Christmas time and the holidays so special for us here at Moovly? Well, for starters big brands release their annual Christmas marketing videos which almost always put a smile on our faces. That said, it’s not all about the big brands this Christmas. It’s about video in general and in particular, video animation! 

By now you should know that video animation is an incredibly powerful medium. What’s even better is that in today's environment, creating animations has never been so easy, you just don't know it yet! 


- Create your own season's greetings video
Make an e-greeting card
- Christmas marketing ideas
- Christmas themed video ideas for business

Here you can create your own Season’s Greetings video in minutes! 

The festive season has arrived. A Christmas story has the power to bring family and friends together. Christmas is a great time to get creative and piece together different holiday ideas.

Want to create a Christmas video on Moovly? Moovly offers 18 free templates which will allow you to send the perfect video message this year. Take a look at all of our season's greetings video templates available to use on our Website. Here is everything you need to know to use one of the pre-made Moovly templates:

  1. Browse through the 18 different templates available 
  2. Preview each of the templates and find the one you like
  3. Select for customization
  4. Add all your content to the template. It only takes 5 minutes
  5. Once finished your video will be rendered
  6. You will then receive an email
  7. Share your animated video with your colleagues, clients or family and friends. 

Competition time 

We want to see who can create the best animated Christmas video. Sign up, choose a template or start from scratch, export your video to the user gallery and you are in for a chance to win a Moovly PRO-YEARLY license. As easy as that. Here's how you can find out more information about our Christmas competition.

Create an animated Christmas e-card

The festive season has arrived. A Christmas story has the power to bring family and friends together. Delight your family and friends this year with a Christmas card. Of course, sending physical cards can be a timely and expensive process. Why not create a Christmas e-card?

Spreading your Christmas cheer is easy on Moovly. We have loads of premade animated templates for you to use this Christmas. Here are just a couple of Christmas e-cards that you can use, and personalize for free!

Merry Christmas! An interactive Christmas Spirit E-card


The Holiday season is here. Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


Christmas is in the Air!


Best wishes this Christmas!


Christmas is a great time to get creative and piece together different holiday ideas. You can always create your Christmas e-card from scratch using Moovly’s animated assets or by importing your own.

Christmas marketing ideas

Is your brand looking to try something new this Christmas? Awesome holiday marketing campaigns come in many different shapes and sizes. Not everyone has the budget to launch television adverts this Christmas or online marketing campaigns, but with that said, there’s always something you can do to increase value amongst your audience.

Instead of creating the standard boring holiday marketing campaigns, you should strive to launch something that your customers look forward to receiving. Here are just a few of our favorite holiday marketing campaigns that you should try out this Christmas! 

  • Create a Christmas video. Some of the biggest brands in the world have mastered their video marketing campaign this Christmas. But as we mentioned above, creating a Christmas video can be done in minutes on Moovly! 
  • Throw a Christmas block party! Who doesn't love a good old Christmas party? These type of parties are great to drive some traffic to your stores as well as providing a creative outlet for websites and content creation. Bring out the Christmas decorations, dress up the Christmas tree and get inviting! 
  • Offer a small Christmas gift with every purchase. Offering a small “gift” this Christmas with every purchase gives customers an extra incentive to buy which can improve brand loyalty and increase sales. 

Want to get started on your Christmas marketing video? With Moovly’s business solutions, you can easily create and edit animated videos without having to employ a multimedia expert. Did you know that Moovly can be fully customized to meet your brand guidelines and corporate requirements? Get in touch with us today, and we will advise you how to grow your business with Moovly! 

Christmas themed video ideas for businesses 

Christmas it the season of joy, ugly Christmas sweaters and a precious amount of food. But as we mentioned above, Christmas is a time for video too (or so we like to think). We love seeing Christmas video marketing campaigns so much that we decided to create a list of all our favorite ideas. The more Christmas videos out there the better! 

Here are just a couple of our favorite Christmas marketing videos from the past couple of years. 

John Lewis Christmas advert

Since 2007, John Lewis’s Christmas adverts have won over the public hearts with their Christmas marketing videos. Many of John Lewis’s Christmas adverts in the past have used animation to help share their message and grab their audience. 

It was incredibly hard choosing one of John Lewis’s Christmas advert to showcase, as nearly all of them are simply amazing. Here John Lewis’s 2013 advert, “ The Bear and the Hare” which was made with 2d animations. 

Sainsbury Christmas advert

Sainsbury is a large supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, and like John Lewis, they are getting increasing attention around the world for their Christmas video marketing campaigns. This year Sainsbury’s Christmas advert featured television host James Corden. Check our Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, “The Greatest Gift,” which is an animated Christmas musical, below.

Coca-Cola Christmas Advert

Coca-Cola are giants when it comes to Christmas. Back in 1995, Coca Cola’s Christmas advert featured the now famous Coca-Cola Christmas trucks for the first time. We just had to include the 1995 Coca-Cola’s Christmas advert as one of our favorite Christmas marketing videos. It’s a classic! 

Create your animated Christmas video on Moovly.

For those of you who don't know, Moovly is an animation and video maker. Moovly has the most powerful FREE license in the industry and to those looking for some additional benefits, we offer an affordable fully stacked and loaded with content PRO version. Our goal here at Moovly is to get everybody creating engaging content, here’s what you can expect with Moovly’s free license. 

Moovly is entirely cloud based. Yep, that means no big software for you to download. All you need is a working internet connection and an active browser. Your work sits protected in the Moovly Cloud. If you loose your computer, your work will still be safe with us. 

With our new Mobile App you can capture content and add that to your library or present your Moovs anywhere, anytime.

With Moovly’s free license, you can create your animated Christmas video, using hundreds of animation objects and 2 extensive standard Moovly Libraries. But that’s not all. When creating your animated Christmas video on Moovly,  You aren’t limited to Moovly’s pre-animated assets. You can upload some Christmas music and images to your own personal library and use freely within your animated Christmas video.

Need more inspiration this Christmas? Check out all our Season Greetings Templates that you can use on Moovly. 

We also have a fantastic collection of other Moov’s our users have made, check them out here. If you want some extra help, we recently launched the Moovly Academy, which is a collection of short videos designed to help you understand how to use Moovly.


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