Patrick's User Story : a Moovly Business User

Patrick's User Story | A Moovly Business User

"I appreciate a quality product and program. Moovly has become both a creative outlet and source of income for me in my work. An extremely worthwhile investment."

Conducting non-profit business with a health focus, we sometimes receive links to animated information sharing.  After concluding a lengthy strategic planning process aimed at promoting county-wide collaboration to improve population health, our organization was in need of a vehicle to share the information with partner organizations, local government and community members. We decided to create our own animated video.

The project was assigned to me, a reasonably computer savvy staff member with command of basic office software, rudimentary image editing skills and the ability to source and download online image content if necessary.  I had absolutely no prior experience with animation software of any kind and there was no time to face the steep learning curve of a sophisticated software package.  I needed to find a solution that would get me into production of our video immediately.  

Short learning curve

A search engine query brought up Moovly, and a handful of other browser based animation tools.  A comparison of cost, features and ease of use based on online user reviews put Moovly at the top of my list.  I felt it was the right platform to produce flexible, user-definable, high-quality results on a short learning curve. I was right.

I purchased a basic subscription (on the Business Plan now) and dove in. To begin, I chose a theme that seemed to fit my goal of producing an active, cartoon-style presentation with lots of motion. I began experimenting by adding text and images from the Moovly library (I recommend a subscription with access to the full Moovly image library - there is a wide range of usable content that will reduce or eliminate paying license fees to online image vendors) and trying out all the animations.  You would be amazed what can be done with the just the move and zoom tool (hint - think of motion in all directions, including turning and changing the size of your objects as you reposition them).  I started creating and downloading scenes to share with our project administration, getting feedback. I had to scrap some early efforts until we settled upon an agreeable look and feel for our video - and then I was off and running - well, to be honest, more of a measured walk, but my pace grew quickly with experience.

The team is awesome

Along the way I taught myself a lot of great tricks, just experimenting with the tools. Take advantage of Moovly support! The team is awesome and very responsive!  Whenever I became stuck I simply submitted my question and always received a same day response (I am in a very different time zone from Moovly headquarters). Speaking of support - I have experienced 100% Moovly access uptime (0% downtime) for an entire year (at all hours of the day) - very impressive statistic for a sophisticated browser based tool.

Even though it's easy to get quick results using Moovly, I spent a few months (at least) on my very first 5 minute Moovly animation.  My first Moovly involved a lot of experimenting with ideas, exploring the tool and creating by trial and error.  I learned the importance of producing a written script and thinking of a storyboard concept first (I can't draw - but it's sufficient to imagine what you want to see, then go for it).  The script became a useful guide for imagining and assembling images, and necessary for voiceover/narration. I tried adding voiceover directly to Moovly through my computer microphone, but achieved superior results using professional audio recording hardware and software, uploading polished audio files into Moovly.  I also experimented with adding video to Moovly, and now use the occasional animated gif to embellish a scene, or liven up a background.

Entertaining and dynamic

Once I learned to establish a clear idea of what I wanted to see and hear first, production speed increased. I have made several Moovly's over the course of one year, and am now able to produce a 90 second, sophisticated Moovly animation, in a matter of days - including several scenes and a great deal of motion. 

Finally - how was that 5 minute animation received?  Applause. Applause every time it is shown to an audience.  The old methods of information sharing - slide presentations, droning speeches, handouts, etc... are frankly, boring.  People are tired of this - professionals and the public. Our Moovly animation has been shown to multiple city councils, our County Board of Supervisors, gatherings of local health and education professionals, and community members in public settings.  Applause - every time.  It's not because we've created a dramatic masterpiece.  They applaud because Moovly brings to life un-entertaining information in an entertaining and dynamic fashion.  And let's be honest, which would you rather spend your meeting time watching - a slide presentation - or a cartoon?


I am thrilled to be an ongoing Moovly user, and often enjoy sharing ideas for new features with the Moovly team.  My questions and ideas are always received with enthusiasm and appreciation.  It's not just a useful tool, it is backed by real people - always there to help, with patience and enthusiasm.  Frankly, the Moovly tool, and the always reliable support of the Moovly team, has opened a whole new, effective communication channel for our organization, and led to a new, very creative and enjoyable work assignments.  I highly recommend diving into Moovly and becoming a Moovly maker.  Thank you Moovly for the opportunity to submit a letter about my Moovly experience.  User reviews were an important part of my choosing Moovly, and I hope my own user review will inspire others to make the same excellent decision.

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