Yes, you can choose to export (= download or publish) your video in a higher quality than your current license allows, and pay for that on a transactional basis, per video export. For example, while videos created with a Free license get a Moovly watermark and outro, you can still download them without these and in HD quality, at the cost of only a few dollars. If you need to do this frequently, a subscription will be more cost-effective.

If you are a Free user, the price of a one-off video export is calculated as follows, depending on which of the following options you choose:

  • SD quality: free
  • HD 720p quality ("HD Ready"): $5.00
  • HD 1080p quality ("Full HD"): $8.00
  • Remove Moovly watermark: $3.00
  • Remove Moovly outro: $2.00

You can choose to combine these export options, e.g. 1080p + no watermark + no outro. Always compare your price with the price of a Plus or Pro subscription. With a subscription, you can export your moovs as many times as you like. Compare these subscriptions on our pricing plans overview.

Individual exports can either be paid with credits or via online payment (we currently accept Visa, Master Card and American Express).