The Pro License adds a number of additional possibilities on top of the features of the Plus License, including:

  • Access to a fourth Standard Moovly library: the Paper Cut-Out style and 3 extra libraries: the Extended Doodle Marker Library, the Extended Infographics Library and the Hands Library. The three style libraries of the Plus license are of course also available for your creative ventures.
  • Uploading 2 times more images, sounds or videos into your Personal Library, with a maximum of 200 items or 1 GB, whatever limit is reached first. 
  • Ability to save scenes to your Personal Library and copy scenes from one video to another.
  • Publishing your videos in the highest quality (1080p HD) on YouTube or Facebook
  • Downloading your videos in the highest quality (1080p HD) for offline use, so you can show them to others on you computer, mobile device or HD television. Such videos are 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high - this is the Full HD television format.
  • Export your content to other video formats than MP4: FLV, MOV, WMV...
  • Download 3 videos at the same time and enjoy priority rendering
  • Making an unlimited number of Moovs, each with an unlimited content length

For a complete overview of the features that are included in the different Moovly licenses, please take a look at our Pricing page.