If you don't have the time to create your own video or if you would like professional help with the creation of your master version, you can rely on Moovly Partners. These partners are digital content specialists or communication agencies specialized in the production of animated content made with Moovly.

Whether you'd like:

  • A well-written script for your content
  • A studio voice-over recording by a professional voice artist
  • A great graphical design with animated objects in line with your organization's guidelines
  • A perfectly animated master version of your content in Moovly
  • A translation of this content in any language
our partners can provide these services to you.


Whichever service you use, you can always get the master version of your video delivered to you in its Moovly source, so you can use it as if you made the Moovly video yourself. In other words: if you want to edit the video, make copies or translations, use scenes or objects, you'll still have the freedom to do so!

Moovly Partners

The following Moovly Partners can help you with content creation from A to Z

The world's most respected voice-over community

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